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Oct 1, 2012 10:00pm EDT
's show you what happened out here today in this game. we pick it up, john lannan on the hill for the nats tonight top of the 2nd no score. two on, one out. one is driven to the gap in a deep left center. bryce harper gives chase but cannot make the catch, crashes into the wall. one run scores, ball rolls along the track into the left field. second run scores. the phillies take a 2-0 lead. bottom of the 6th, still 2-0, michael morse with a runner on, two outs, full count. kyle kendricks strikes him out. the end of the inning kendrick goes. in laroche is up and goes down, so opportunities missed in this one. they fall 2-0 the final, but it's not going wipe any smiles off the faces here. very no idea where my camera guy is. i'm sure he's right in the middle of the celebration, but it's absolute pandemonium out here on the field. obviously everybody is smiling. gio gonzalez right here as you can see. >> we're looking at pictures right now. we were just seeing pictures when they were inside when the champagne started coming down. you said it was kind of cool because the players came back out o
Sep 29, 2012 11:00pm EDT
a long stand-off at bellhaven marina in alexandria. police arrested john watson after a nearly eight hour stand-off that started around 6:00 last night. they were called to the marina after reports of a man firing shots from a boat anchored nearby. police evacuated the marina, and tried to make contact with the suspect. today we spoke to a boater who saw it all happen. >> we heard like four shots. we thought it was my motor, because i recently got a boat. i guess it was him, and i knew he was shooting at the helicopter. >> police say they're looking into those reports he fired at a helicopter. he'll be arraigned on mont. the occupy d.c. movement was out today trying to foreclose on bank of america branches around the district. the group put up foreclosed signs blocking the entrance. the protesters want to draw attention to the foreclosure issues many americans are still facing. >> our slogan is the banks got bailed out, we got sold out. lots of people were sold out by the banks. this is the way to make that real and use our power to bring real gains to people. we were able to stop one evi
Sep 25, 2012 10:00pm EDT
scavenging through a doctor's office? crosby! - could you believe john? he was just mouthing off in front of the entire class to our teacher. it was just crazy. - did you know there used to be a vending machine by the water fountain? - yeah. there was one last year. - okay, so you used to be able to buy candy anytime you wanted. not during class, obviously, but recess, before school, after school. you can't do that now. those days are gone. - max, let's go. - it seems unfair that there are hundreds, probably thousands of kids who got to have skittles anytime they wanted. we're new students coming into the school and we don't have that. it's obviously unfair. - right. good luck with that. - it has nothing to do with luck. we need to find a way to get the school top bring back the vending machine! where are you going? - so before we start, would you like water? tea? anything? - uh, wow. um, no. - i'll have a beer. just kidding. - [laughs] - nothing for me. thanks. - i'm just nervous. sorry. - it's okay. no, thank you. - so i familiarized myself with your tests and medical records this morni
Search Results 0 to 2 of about 3